Our Oldies page consists of a collection of photos and newspaper clips of events that took place many years ago.  These events may be of a memorable dance, a sporting event, a gathering or any occasion that may be of some interest.  We will add to this page as we acquire any new material.


Click on the links in the table below to view that picture or newspaper clip.      

Varsity Drag In the Service Valentine Ball Tripp School Outing St. Mary's Basketball 
Paper Boy Baseball  S. P. Basketball Toy Maker Play FHS Junior High 1955 Falcons Basketball 
Varsity Club 1953 East Fairhaven 1949 Matt. Jr. High 1956 Alpine Avenue gang 1957 Cheerleaders
E. Fair. at Rogers School 1956-1957 Football Team 1955-1956 Football Team Tripp School 6th Grade  


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