Fiftieth anniversary

The classes fiftieth anniversary included many celebrated events that took place on the last week end in June 2008.  Here you can view a collection of photos for that week end.


Raising the flag.

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  Breakfast at Pumpernickels after the raising of the flag.

flag raising breakfast 01-2008.JPG (84218 bytes)   flag raising breakfast 02-2008.JPG (80113 bytes)   flag raising breakfast 03-2008.JPG (81667 bytes)   flag raising breakfast 04-2008.JPG (83373 bytes)   flag raising breakfast 05-2008.JPG (96546 bytes)   flag raising breakfast 06-2008.JPG (86782 bytes)

The class was host for the annual breakfast held at the High School cafeteria.  This is a community event hosted by the Class of nineteen fifty-eight with food provided by Courtyard.  The anniversary banner is past on to the next years class who will host the annual breakfast for their fiftieth year.

breakfast 01-2008.JPG (73231 bytes)   breakfast 02-2008.JPG (120342 bytes)   breakfast 10-2008.JPG (78524 bytes)   breakfast 03-2008.jpg (105834 bytes)   breakfast 04-2008.JPG (87045 bytes)   breakfast 05-2008.JPG (116858 bytes)   breakfast 06-2008.JPG (119487 bytes)    


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