Yearbook / Profile for David Harrison

                                                                           David Clifford Harrison       - Dave           College

                                              A personality well blended with shades of seriousness and humor.

Born:  New London, Conn., August 8, 1940.  From:  Mattapoisett Center School.  To:  College.  Ambition:  To become a surgeon.  Pet Peeve:  School lunches.  Suppressed Desire:  To join Mickey Mouse Club.  Happiest When:  Through with football practice.  Favorite Expression:  Im all sagged.  Salient Characteristic:  Manners.  Probable Fate:  Veterinarian for Walt Disney.

Activities:  Student Council 2.  Key Club 3, 4.  Junior Prom Committee 3.  Football 1, 4.  Basketball 1.  Track 2, 3, 4.



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